"Shar Lee Coiffures & Day Spa Owner / Master Stylist, Sharon Lee Slade, has been a stylist for over thirty years. She worked as a salon employee for six years, from 1975 -1981, before going into business for herself. What began as a career with a small rented booth, has blossomed into a full-scale business as the owner of her own hair studio and day spa. A converted farmhouse built in 1826 serves as a foundation for the earthy, natural theme she has built upon for her spa. This notion has been coupled with a slight eastern influence, immediately recognizable from the bamboo plants growing in the corners, and the ethos of Chinese feng shui that can be felt throughout. Her creative team has carried on her attention to detail, and her quest for customer satisfaction, while maintaining a calming yet professional atmosphere.

Not surprisingly, her Spa has continued to grow. The spa staff consists of hair stylists, nail technicians, facialist / makeup consultants, massage therapists, a Reiki therapist and receptionists. The staff are dedicated team players that are willing to share ideas with each other. This is a unique aspect of Shar Lee Coiffures, and the desire to work as a unit greatly adds to the calm, relaxing atmosphere of the day spa. The staff works together, often on one guest simultaneously, to bring out the guests natural beauty, and allowing them a quiet escape from sometimes busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Working with guests by giving them free consultations, asking them for their opinions, and forming a clear picture of what they want, helps fulfill the Shar Lee ideology that beauty is not applied, it’s revealed."

- Times Union

My inspiration for my business began as a child. I would cut my dolls hair then moved on to my family members. I naturally had the love and passion for this industry. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to spend my years in the beauty industry and found stimulation, challenges and unending gratification.

-Sharon Lee Slade

Sharon & Andrew Slade                    

  • Sharon Slade
    Owner / Spa Coordinator and Master Stylist
  • Andrew Slade
    Owner / Account Executive
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